Skin Care

The Good Earth Company’s skin care line must have been sent straight from Heaven. From soothing pores to healing scars, my skin care line is a whirlwind of helpfulness. Containing many essential oils applauded by skin care professionals, my Anti-Aging Moisturizer and Night Time Serum are a game changer. The results will surely make you say, “Oh, goodness!”

My illustrious Anti-Aging Moisturizer is filled with God’s goodness.  Containing essential oils that aid with anti-aging, skin texture, reducing the color of dark spots while also promoting a healthy immune system. Known for reducing wrinkles, geranium oil combats acne and promotes cell growth within the skin. Sandalwood aids in anti-aging of the skin. The tranquil oil is also known to be relaxing and calming. Known for its healing of the skin, lavender calms and relaxes your pores. Because of its antioxidant properties, Myrrh is essential for anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, and healing of wounds. Frankincense is the triple-threat additive to my moisturizer. Frankincense is known for protecting skin cells, reducing acne, and slowing the signs of aging. Also, it has shown to decrease the appearance of scars and aid with eczema. While high in Vitamin C, sweet orange oil reduces the signs of wrinkles, aging, and dark spots, promotes the healthy production of collagen, and fights bacteria and inflammation on the skin. The incense of this oil will surely wake you up and get you going for the day. Pulling this miracle anti-aging moisturizer together, is coconut cream which hydrates the skin.

My sweetly peaceful Anti-Aging Night Time Serum is filled with God’s goodness.  Our blend of these essential oils not only aids in anti-aging and correction of dark spots, but they’ve been formulated to relax and calm you… getting you ready for a peaceful night’s sleep. Known for protecting skin cells, frankincense reduces acne, slows the signs of aging, decreases the appearance of scars, and aids with eczema. Lavender, known for its healing of the skin, is also proven to be relaxing and calming to the skin. Carrot seed oil does the trick to reduce the signs of dark spots. While high in Vitamin C, rosehip oil is known for aiding in anti-aging and protecting the skin from age spots, acne, and eczema. Helping to prevent those pesky bags under morning eyes, sweet almond oil, rich in Vitamin A, aids in anti-aging of the skin and helps to combat acne. Rich in Vitamins A&C, argan oil is the pride and joy of my night serum.